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Custom Spring Constant Calculation Machine


As part of my masters class Advanced Mechatronics  I built a machine to calculate the spring constant of small compression springs.

Only had a month to put it together, so I didn't get to finish everything I wanted - but I'm pretty happy with the result.

Conductive 3D Printer


I had so much fun designing and building this machine. I lived and breathed this machine for months. It's my baby. One day I hope to design a version of this machine that is cost effective to produce and put it on kickstarter. Patent Pending.

 The basic concept here was to create a 3D printer that had multiple heads so that it could print with ABS withPLA as a support material, but also with conductive plastic of varying resistivity. We got carried away at the end and threw a spindle on it!


Thermoelectric Camping Stove

Never got past the prototype stage, but this thermoelectric stove was a cool project. What I did was just to take a few peltier cells and put them on the bottom of an aluminum jar. Start a fire in the jar, and the heat differential created enough power to charge a cell phone. Wiring it up to a battery and a usb port was the tricky part. 

Anchor 1
Turkish Coffee table

Coffee Table

Like everythings else, this is currently a work in progress. It was going to be a valentines day present, but now hopefully an Aniversery present.   

Waterwheel anchor

Laser Cut Waterwheel

This water wheel was designed to be entirely cut with a laser cutter. This project has yet to be taken out of the theoretical stage. Primarly becasue I do not have acess to a river :/


LTD Stirling Engine

Low Temperature differential Stirling Engine I'm currently working on.

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